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Agnieszka Gluszczak

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Specialist of Wound Care, lymphology,
stoma and diabetes educator. 



I have been developing my medical career for over 25 years and for two decades I have been running specialist clinics in Poland and practice abroad.


Certificates and diplomas

Thanks to continuous education and expanding my knowledge, I am able to offer medical assistance and expertise at the highest level.



I give lectures at Polish and foreign conferences, symposiums and I am a trainer during workshops for specialists worldwide.



I share my knowledge by publishing my work in specialist magazines and as an expert in the lifestyle press.


about me

I invite you to read the publications in the media about me.

Empathy and a comprehensive approach are the basic requirements to properly plan effective treatment.
About me
I am a licensed, registered nurse with a medical school degree
specialties: Nursing and Health Care.

I am licensed to treat and care in
the EU and UK.

I am a member of the Polish Wound Treatment Society and have received numerous awards from medical institutions and the media.
Cooperates with:
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Agnieszka is an absolutely fantastic person, the best specialist in her field and she is really passionate about her work. ALL patients after surgery should go to her clinic straight from the hospital, many could avoid unnecessary suffering, pain, complications and a sense of helplessness. A visit here is an experience from a completely different world, if this is how medical care in Western countries looks like, then I demand that Poland join these countries :) (...) I am absolutely delighted with the standards prevailing in her clinic, unfortunately, the public health service has accustomed me to the standards early Middle Ages and I was convinced that this is what medicine of the 21st century looks like (after all, I was treated by educated and experienced doctors) - spoiler: it doesn't look like that, which can be understood after the first visit to Mrs. Agnieszka :) Thank you very much and please continue save patients! :)​

Mr Slawomir - Google

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