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About me

Wound treatment and foot care specialist with almost 20 years of experience, who with passion and great commitment deals with the treatment of patients with hard-to-heal wounds. She gained experience and practice in centers in Europe and the country, where, inspired by podiatric and podiatric treatments, she brought services to Poland.

The first facility authorized by 3M for foot care and wound treatment, which she created in Łódź, was equipped with the most modern equipment and materials.
In 2003, the office became a model and the first place of this type.

Successes in the treatment of wounds based on European standards allowed the creation of another place in Warsaw where Agnieszka Głuszczak performs treatments. Patients from all over the world come to treat postoperative complications, chronic ulcers and fistulas, and so-called. difficult wounds.

Originator of innovative systems for correcting ingrown toenails using wire clamps, metatarsal supports and separators for correcting hallux valgus.

Speaker in numerous medical speeches for the medical and nursing community. Organizer of shows and trainings. Author of articles for the pharmaceutical and medical press.

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